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25 Apr 2016
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3 Fatal Web Design Mistakes

There is a lot more decision-making that goes into designing a website than many people realize. When you delegate the responsibility of making your website look awesome to a web design company, you are effectively handing your specialists the responsibility of deciding exactly how you will be representing yourself to your clientele, which bears a remarkably large impact on the success of your business. Hence why you’d better be sure you’ve found a web development company on which you can confidently rely. A good web designer should communicate with you throughout the process and allow you to make your own decisions while giving you the proper guidance to maximize your return on investment. After all, this is your website. So when you get asked, make sure you don’t make the following mistakes.

  • Fonts: This is an all too common and potentially fatal mistake that people make. Do NOT make your font too small. If it’s hard to read, it won’t be read. If you have something worth saying then you should make sure you have an audience to say it to. If the text is too difficult to read, you will be eliminating mass quantities of potential clients. 12 point font is a good standard to go by, although lately many blogs and webpages have raised their fonts to 14 and sometimes even higher. Recognize that anything smaller should be considered a liberty. Also be careful with how the text appears against the background. Font issues are not just limited to size, but also visibility. The more concise, easy to read, and easy to see your text is, the better.
  • Accent Color: Remember that the whole point of having a website is to up your gains. That involves designing a call to action that will translate into some actual action. So how can you draw enough attention to this section of the website and convince users to actually act? A lot of that boils down to something as seemingly simple as the colors you select and how they contrast with the rest of the site. That means it has to be bright, but it also must complement the other colors on the site. You need to draw attention but still be attractive. It also means that this color must be almost exclusively reserved for the call to action. If it’s overused in other parts of the page it won’t draw attention, no matter how bright it is.
  • Line Length: It doesn’t seem like it would hold much weight but it does. There’s a lot of info on the Internet. People are busy, or at least they think they are, and they don’t have time to read something that’ll take them ten seconds just to get to the second line. They do, however, have plenty of time to read something that will take them ten minutes to read, provided that they can get to the second line in five seconds. It’s a strange trick but it works. The point is that longer lines are intimidating, exhausting, and unattractive. People want to feel like they are making progress, which is more likely if progress is made with higher frequency (which is indicated upon making it to the next line faster). 50 characters per line is good. 60 is okay. 70 is way too many.

There’s a lot more that goes into building a website that people want to look at. To learn more, speak to an expert at Jubilant Web. We are an SEO, PPC, and web development company. Our specialists have all of the patience and experience to ensure that your clientele expands to new reaches. Give us a call today at 845-790-0420.

21 Apr 2016
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How A Website’s First Impression Can Make Or Break Your Brand

At this point, few can argue the value of digital marketing. However, there still remain some traditionalists who insist that offline marketing campaigns will suffice. Granted, standard, non-digital marketing techniques still have their value today. The billboards we see in passing stay in our memories until we’re later reminded to the effect of making purchases. That much is true. The problem here is in the fact that nowadays, in the event that your brand is in fact recognized by potential customers and clients, their inherent next step will almost always be to look you up online. With information today being as available as it’s ever been, a well designed offline marketing campaign will almost always precede a series of clicks to a mouse or taps to a smart screen. If you don’t have a website to show for all that hard work you did to get your brand into the minds of your clients, you can promptly bid those clients farewell because they won’t be investing in your product or service any time soon. So with that said, here’s a synopsis of how web design services from an exceptional web development company like Jubilant can make all of your other marketing efforts solidify.

Not everyone’s a trained web design expert. But most users can pick out a poorly designed website without having had a single minute of web design training. If your page looks cluttered, or poorly planned, it will reflect in your user traffic and your purchases. Right off the bat, people will be skeptical about your business, which means even if they give you the benefit of the doubt and stay on your page a while longer, they almost certainly will not end their session with a buy. That’s why, of all the pages, your homepage must look its absolute best.

A meticulously selected color scheme can make all the difference. These are the kinds of things that users don’t realize they are affected by, but that they most certainly are. Do some research, speak to a specialist from your web design company and figure out your look. If you want your users to feel excited or energized (entertainment, food, events), red is a good go-to. If you want to give your users a relaxed, non-threatening sensation (therapy, law practice, medicine), shades of blue and green are your friend.

One final factor that can make or break the user experience is the intuitiveness of your website. Consider this. As aesthetically attractive as Apple products are, the majority of its loyal customers come back each year mainly due to the fact that they are easy to use. Common folks are not web experts, which means it is your responsibility to make it as easy as possible for them to see what you’re selling as well as where and how one can buy it. In other words, you must be clear with your call to action and you must make sure your E-commerce page is fully functional and prepared for traffic.

Without a good website, you can render your brand useless. Without a well designed homepage, your bounce rate will spike and your traffic will drop. In order to have a lasting, effective first impression with users, you are going to need a talented and experienced web design company. If you’re in the market for a digital marketing and web development company, Jubilant Web has exactly what you’re looking for. Contact us today at 845-790-0420.