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19 Jul 2017

Improving customer experience at restaurants with digital signage

The digital revolution that swept across the world in the last decade has touched all spheres of our lives and has resulted in the complete transformation of lifestyle. The business community too has felt the obvious changes arising from advanced technology.  Even restaurants are going through the phase of transforming the ways it conducted business. Customers are expecting much more from restaurants than serving delicious food – they want a wholesome dining experience that complements today’s digital lifestyle.

Nowadays, restaurants are more inclined to offer what customers expect and even more, if possible and using the opportunity to build brands for better business by using technology at the venues. Television screens at restaurants that entertained customers are going through a makeover. These would henceforth become digital signage that will display promotional content for brand building and marketing besides news and sports and television programs. Read on to know more about the latest digital trends in restaurants.

Social media feeds in restaurants

The most recent trend is to use digital technology in restaurants to improve customer experience.  With an eye on getting closer to customers, some restaurants and bars are incorporating social media feeds on digital signage.  The television screens of the restaurants display live posts of customers on the social media like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, etc. While it is good entertainment for the audience, it is also an opportunity to promote brands.  You can motivate people to share the brand that enhances your efforts in brand promotion. Going a step ahead, you can include advertising messages into the display. Customers enjoy the posts that also include posts from other locations. The brand owners love this aspect as the brand gets broad exposure across areas.

Welcome graphics and promotion

Upcoming events and special occasions celebrated in restaurants feature in the digital signage. Guests come to know about it, and the publicity helps to improve business.  It is a cheaper way of advertising in-house, and there is no need to spend extra on business promotion. The in-house marketing team of the restaurant can create the promotional content.  Another way of engaging customers is to use the digital signage screen to welcome guests by using graphics that depict the occasion. Displaying the graphics while guests enjoy at the restaurant affects their emotions and sentiments that create better bonding leading to an improved relationship.

The digital attraction lowers cost and pushes profits

An average restaurant using digital signage stands to gain a lot.  Restaurant menus change much quicker than you would change your dress because minor changes can happen at any moment. When it happens, printing a new menu entails cost and time and is often the reason that you might think of delaying menu changes. When using digital signage, you need not think about cost because the change is just a matter of typing and creating a new text that you can do on your own in seconds. You can accommodate an elaborate menu with lots of information on the signage that has large space without any concern about taxing the viewers’ eyes. More details increases the chances of more business.

Information sharing is easy

The digital technology of signage has opened up new avenues of communication that facilitate advertising, marketing, customization of menu and information sharing.  It enhances the interaction between restaurant owners and customers thereby bringing them closer.  Customers seeking nutritional information can see it on the screen and come to know about special events and occasions with a complete schedule.  The speed of life that people enjoy from digital technology remains unhindered in restaurants that use digital signage, and this increases its attraction. Customers like the trend that keeps them tuned with times.

 Aesthetics and visual appeal increases

Incorporating digital signage increases the visual appeal of the interiors and adds aesthetic value to the décor. It adds the much-needed X-factor to the venue that increases its attraction and appeals to customers who feel more comfortable in the environment.  The comfort encourages customers to spend more time at the place and longer they stay better are the prospects of the business.  Restaurant owners can use the signage in much more creative ways for satisfying customers, instead of using it as a notice board. The visual appeal of the ambiance of the restaurant matters a lot in the restaurant industry because of its link to the brand. The digital signage can support your brand building initiative.

Digitized menu

The menu display must be as much appealing as the food – this is the philosophy restaurants. Moreover, what could be better than creating digital menu boards.  The menu has high visual appeal, and it is much easier to update changes not only of that location but also of any other place. This you can do either at different times or simultaneously.  Sometimes it might be mandatory by law to display nutritional information and once again, the digital signage gives you the edge as you can show it on the screen.

Customer entertainment

Using the digital signage to entertain customers is one of its high points. While people wait for food at the tables or even when having food alone, the music video showing on the screen, some sports event, news, or some random program of television can fill in the time and provide entertainment that adds value to customer experience. The overall ambiance of the place suddenly seems to be so attractive and entertaining.  Never for a moment have customers had to look around to find entertainment that is served right in front of their eyes. To keep customers entertained, you can even display information that is worthwhile for customers although it might not have any relation to your business.    This way you can make customers feel more at home and earn brownie points by providing them a better experience in dining.

The digital signage has immense potential to become useful for almost all aspects of your business. It all depends on how much you are capable of making use of it. You can go to the extent of using the feature of facial recognition that can help to serve foods faster to customers.

06 Jan 2016
Engage Newswire

Why should you be featured on Engage Newswire?

Living in the information age makes us thirsty of new things and experiences. We’re always looking for the latest trends, the newest products, the most recent releases and the freshest information, but it’s almost impossible to catch up with everything that’s happening around us.

Engage Newswire

As a business owner of this era reaching an audience has never been so easy and so difficult at the same time. Today we have multiple channels, platforms and methods to communicate with clients and potential customers but the information flow is so heavy and the amount of people to reach is so overwhelming that we usually end caught up without knowing how to spread our message; that’s where Engage Newswire comes in. This digital news distribution company provides you with an extensive social media network where your news are publish and distributed for the world to see.

Engage Newswire is a platform dedicated to publish and distribute news, articles and press releases across the World Wide Web, with expertise in handling digital communications for technology and business companies interested in spreading information and news about their specific industries. Engage Newswire features the latest news and press releases for renowned companies and businesses that operate in different industries such as healthcare, technology and food service among many others. With a solid presence in the U.S. online media, Engage Newswire has expanded to provide its publishing services outside North America as well. With clients based in other countries, they provide press releases in spanish for clients and audiences inside and outside of the U.S.

The major advantages of counting on a communications company like Engage Newswire is the possibility to grow as a business by increasing traffic and therefore generating sales. The way they handle each of one of their clients leads to an exposure improvement on the internet because they follow the demanding protocols of the industry. By optimizing you press releases and distributing your news to the right audience, and taking your news farther in social media networks Engage Newswire getting more publicity for your business.

The communication experts at Engage Newswire work with a distribution network of more than 250,000 custom RSS feeds, including Yahoo! News, Topix and Google News. What can you expect from a press release on Engage Newswire?

From being indexed in the major search engines of the internet to placement on premium websites. Engage Newswire will place your business on the main News sites, show your business in your regional and specific industry News Feeds, as well as help you achieve a position in Media Lists and get more media subscribers.

If you don’t think that’s enough, Engage Newswire also offers you automatic Twitter posting, embedded website, social bookmarks, file Attachments, quote calls out, Custom URLs, keyword anchor text links, embedded videos and search optimized images. All of this tools ensure more coverage and publicity for your news and press releases. So if you’re looking to put your business on the online map and make sure your news and information are going to reach your target audience, you should be working with Engage Newswire. Make sure your news will reach a receptive destination and help your business build a more solid presence online, through assertive exposure and content optimization. Reach out to the communication experts at Engage Newswire and get more guidance and information on how to spread your company’s news more efficiently.

03 Jun 2015
Email Marketing

How to Make Email Marketing Successful

Email marketing is now the marketing tool with the highest ROI, the Direct Marketing Association’s studies show that for every dollar invested in email marketing, about $40 in sales are generated.

This is not to say, however, that you can send emails out scatter-shot, assuming that if your logo is prominent at the top of your email, you’ve at least accomplished name recognition. You could, at the same time, be accomplishing name “prohibition,” meaning that if you’re not delivering anything useful with your emails, your prospects will begin to prohibit them from their inbox. In today’s fast-paced Internet, you have to get your prospect’s attention, maintain it with valuable information, and then entice them to click through to your website.

How to Make Email Marketing Successful

Let’s first look at what your goals should be to improve your email marketing efforts:

1 – Build a bigger list

Make sure that growing your list is one of your primary objectives. Offer some great reasons why people should sign up for your emails, enticing them with the kind of information or offers you’re going to provide them in the future. For example, if you’re a retailer, tell them they’ll receive notification of sales, close-outs, new inventory and even coupons. If you sell to other businesses, consider offering a white paper where you can showcase your expertise. Also, make sure your sign-up link or tab is high up on your website and very prominent.

2 – Improve your email open rates

There are three primary reasons why people will open your email:

  • Relationship
  • Relevance
  • Value/curiosity factor

Let’s look first at the relationship. The number one reason why people open an email is because they have a relationship with that person. If people sign up for your email because of your business name or a person’s name, make sure the business name or person’s name is instantly recognizable, so they don’t automatically move it to the trash.

Your information also has to have relevance. Make sure you are delivering on the things you promised to talk about, so your prospects are getting what they signed up for. Also, package your information in a way that gives them something of value, or piques their curiosity. If you’re a photography studio, you could put this in your subject line: “The Top 5 Secrets for a Flattering Photo.” Chances are good most people are going to open the email. If you’re an air conditioning repair company, consider using this: “What You Could Be Breathing Besides Just Air.”

3 – Improve click-throughs

Once you’ve enticed your prospects inside your email, you want them to take some kind of action. You’ll need to build a case for why they should click through…to read more, buy something, share the email, or respond to you. It can also be a free benefit such as a free guide, coupon, intriguing article, or a free “whatsit” you’ll send to them.

Now focus!

Be sure the information you give them is succinct, to the point, and very focused. The online world is fast-paced and you want to make it easy for people to act on the information you’re giving them. Fluff is only good for pillow salesmen.

To ensure your email is as focused as it can be, ask yourself if you’ve effectively answered these questions in your email:

  • Who are you trying to persuade to take the action?
  • Make sure you’re hitting your target market.
  • What is the action you want someone to take?
  • Make sure it’s prominent and to the point.
  • What does that person need in order to feel confident taking that action?
  • Make it clear what your response will be after they take the action.
  • When all of these factors are included in your emails, your company will be at the forefront of your prospects’ minds when they need your product or service.

At Solutions for Growth, we are an email marketing agency with proven expertise in full-service email marketingWe take the “guess” out of success. Our clients depend upon our email marketing services to write effective, intriguing copy and create great layout and graphics that grab immediate attention.

13 Nov 2014
Cyber Technologies

Client Feature: Cyber Technologies

Start your business off right this year with a technology upgrade from Cyber Technologies. Your business deserves the best in service and products to ensure safety and efficiency. From programmed lighting to emergency communication systems, Cyber Technologies has the mechanics and experience to provide you with what you need.

Adding programmed lighting to your business is the easiest way to provide security, comfort, and convenience to both your employees and the public. These systems can be designed and programmed to your preference including multiple timed settings to change lighting throughout the day, a must for restaurant owners, and control shades, that benefit offices with board room presentations. Another boardroom necessity is an audio/video system. With most proposals and presentations including computerized elements, an efficient A/V system can be designed, installed and serviced to your specifications.

Including closed circuit TV in your fire alarm and security systems can provide extra safety to the public, your employees, and your business in the event of an emergency. But the most important concern when installing these systems is to utilize the right detection system for your building and business type. One expert recommended addition is to combine an emergency communications system with your current or upgraded fire alarm. This system can include features such as mass notification and voice evacuation to provide assistance and additional safety for those exiting the building during an emergency.

Cyber Technologies has over a decade of experience in the fields of lighting control, audio/video systems, system integration, and more. They pride themselves on staying on the cutting edge of technology and always focusing on meeting the needs of their clients. Cyber Technologies can help you and your business with personalized system planning, design, and installation. They work one on one with their clients to help them understand the project every step of the way.

With the help of Cyber Technologies, your business environment can be run more effectively. Jubilant Web has helped Cyber Technologies grow through the use of our services.  With hard work and time, we have been able to make Cyber Technologies online presence grow.

10 Nov 2014

How to chose the best typeface for your website

Choosing the right typeface is essential for creating a great user experience on your website. After all, websites nowadays act as the 21st-century storefront, so you’d better make sure things are looking top notch unless you want your customers to run away and – god forbid – do business with the competition. (more…)

04 Nov 2014
SEO New York

Back to basics: SEO refresher course

Search engine optimization (SEO) can be an unwieldy beast. There is much debate over what’s the best strategy to get your website ranking on the first page of search results and it can be so confusing. You can get bogged down with such questions as “Is long-form or short-form content more effective?” and “How many keywords are too many keywords?” and “Am I guilty of keyword stuffing?” It is all a bit baffling, so we at Jubilant Web have decided to take it right back to basics and give you an SEO refresher course that tackles the basics.   (more…)

24 Oct 2014

How to be a social media marketing superstar

Using social media marketing to promote your small to medium business can be a trying process, especially when you have no prior knowledge of the medium. What’s worse is when you do put the effort in, but don’t seem to be seeing any results.

We at Jubilant Web have come up with some hot tips for social media marketing success. If you keep these in mind, then you’ll be a social media marketing superstar and, of course, your brand will grow. (more…)

09 Oct 2014

This Year in Numbers: What 2014 has brought us in terms of SEO

The year is almost over and it is during this time that we begin to analyze what it left us in terms of earnings and teachings. Many small and medium sized companies are discovering the importance of SEO and how it is pivotal to diffuse your message to a wider audience. With Google getting more and more intuitive everyday SEO is becoming more complex but even more important than it was before. We’re still a few months from the New Year but it is the perfect time to analyze what this year has left us and what we can expect to happen in 2015. (more…)

25 Aug 2014

Jubilant Web Providing Free SEO Assessments for Month of September

The world of SEO is always changing.  Thanks to Googles algorithms which is constantly developing and evolving, Search Engine Optimizers need to always be up to date with changes so that they can keep your website up to speed.  Regular assessments of your website, is an essential component for any effective SEO strategy.  With a proper assessment you will be able to see how search engines are seeing your page.  With this insight you will then be able to fix any problems that your website might have. (more…)

08 Aug 2014

Importance of Design on Business Cards and Flyers

                The act of creating a business card or a flyer is hardly a difficult thing to accomplish, but successfully designing them is a different story. Design plays an important role on whether or not your card is given a second look or if it gets lost in someone’s cabinet never to be seen again. They have to be well-designed and stylish to the point that when the person receives it not only leaves a good impression of you but also gets the sense that you’re the authority for the service or product you offer. People are paying a lot more attention to design and if you want a possible client to call you, your information must be easy to identify and the main points (name, email, phone number) concise and conspicuous. (more…)