Engage directly with your audience

Social media is all the rage these days. As a business owner, you ought to know how powerful social media marketing can be when done right.

Attract your target audience and turn them into loyal customers while connecting personally with your current clients and nurturing business relationships that are long-lasting and turn into revenue.

How many hours daily do you spend on social media?

Probably more than you realize.
Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest, Vine, Foursquare, MeetUp and many more consume 60% of our online activity.

Whether you connect from your personal computer, the one at the office, your tablet or your phone, chances are, you are constantly checking one or several of your social networks whenever you have 5 seconds to spare.

Well, your clients and potential customers do exactly the same; probably, even more, than you do.

How do social media work as a business tool?
There are three main factors that make social media the ultimate business tool:

  1. Exposure: Online presence is a big deal for any business in the modern world. Why?

Easy, it allows anyone looking for your services to find you quickly, if you know where and how to advertise yourself.

  1. Direct feedback: Aside from engaging your client base, social media interactions enable your audience to immediately react to your content and activity.They might ignore you ruthlessly, but if your content and activities on social media are appropriately managed, the outcome can be extraordinary. Content sharing, mentions, referral clients and customer loyalty are just a few of the perks of lead generating, and conversion oriented social media strategies.
  1. Industry relationships: But social media doesn’t just work as a business asset regarding your relationship with your clients. It is also a solid platform to expand your networks and build meaningful relationships within your industry; cultivating strategic alliances and profitable collaborations.

What social media channel is the right one for you?

First things first! Before coming up with the right social network for you and an effective social media plan, we have to make an evaluation of your business and its overall online performance.

Once we have established your company’s personality and style, and after determining how well is it performing on the internet we can come up with a social strategy that fits it perfectly.

Each social media channel has its own purpose and serves its particular audience in its own singular way.


What should you expect from a social media marketing expert company?

Smart Facebook Marketing
With around 1.5 billion active users a month, Facebook is the platform of choice for most businesses when it comes to establishing a direct connection with their clients and allure new customers. At Jubilant Web, we design customized Facebook management strategies to help you reach your social networking goals.

Effective Twitter Microblogging
Twitter is the ultimate microblogging tool and an unparalleled source of instant information. News, special offers, and relevant information flood Twitter’s live feed in compact 140 characters capsules. We’re here to help you master the science behind microblogging.

Efficient LinkedIn Networking
This professional network has more than 364 million users from around the world. And is the perfect platform to earn authority and credibility within your line of work, find bigger clients, and even recruiting new qualified employees.

Reputation-building Google+ Strategies
As a Google product, this social network makes easier to access and connect with other Google products while providing you with credibility and other valuable assets in the online world.

Engaging YouTube Channels
YouTube is another Google product and it must be a staple for any business interested in improving their SEO game, and looking forward to engage with the audience in new, dynamic and easier ways.

Compelling Instagram Galleries
Instagram is one of the hottest social networks right now. This feed of photographs and videos is a great tool when it comes to promoting your business. Do you know how to make the best out of your Instagram profile? We do!

Resourceful Pinterest Boards
If you want successful eCommerce, you have to consider Pinterest. “Pins” drive a huge amount of traffic to websites and help increase eCommerce activity more than any other social network. Are you ready to let us help you?

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