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What can Jubilant Web do for you?


  • An original, attractive and memorable web layout: Our designers are equipped with the experience and know-how to build a homepage that is fast, easy to use and fully accessible from all devices, be they for desktop computers, laptops, smart phones or tablets. We also have the background to know what kinds of templates and color schemes yield the best results for clients in the industry of food safety.


  • A master calendar with new functionality and categorization properties: This will make it easier for prospective clients and already registered students to keep track of dates and times of food safety classes and other important events run by your company. The simplicity and intuitiveness of this design will make users all the more likely to choose you over your competitors.


  • An internal search engine to make it considerably easier for users to navigate the site: In order to increase your site’s ranking, we would invest our efforts into producing massive amounts of content in the form of landing pages and internal blog posts. The bigger the site grows, the more difficult it will be to retrace your steps. With a search engine feature, users can find whatever they need with no problem.


  • Audio and video content on integrated platforms: Take full advantage of a multimedia induced website that is sure to pull in users and keep them interested until they hit the registration button.


  • Practice exams and study guides for registered users: By privileging those who have registered, we’ll create incentive for more people to want to study with your company.


  • Live chat features: This will allow users to feel more connected. The more important we can make prospective students feel, the more easily we can inspire them to register.
Why should food safety training companies choose Jubilant Web as their Internet marketing company?


  • We specialize in helping businesses that are in the food safety training industry: We know where, when and how to reach the right target clientele with relevant and well-informed content that is designed to attract tentatively prospective clients and ultimately inspire them to register for courses.


  • We’re proficient in all channels, methods and tools used in online market: That includes organic search engine optimization, pay-per-click online advertising, web design and development, social media management and more.


  • Our track record speaks for itself: With our wealth of knowledge mixed with our incomparable attention to detail, we have successfully managed to launch numerous clients from throughout the country in the food safety training industry into positions that have allowed them to attain national recognition.


With these criteria, you will be the most sought after and well known food safety training company in your region. You will leave your competition behind as you expand beyond state borders. Give us a call today at (845) 790-0420 to get started.

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