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Jubilant Web has helped clients in the Food service Industry expand their online presence in the past with our “Food Service Industry Marketing” services. We understand how competitive of a field the Food Service Industry can be, no matter what sector you are involved in. The Food Service industry is a broad term which can span anywhere from businesses, institutions, restaurants and catering operations.
All these different sectors lead to there being numerous formats in rules and regulations.
At Jubilant Web we make it our goal to properly represent our clients’ sectors rules and regulations in a proper manner when providing our “Food Service Industry Marketing” services. We have worked closely with some of the largest providers of Food Handling Certificates, Food Manager Certification and Food Service Expert Witnesses. Through our “Food Service Industry Marketing” program we have helped all of our clients reach their maximum online reach.

Our Food Service Industry Marketing provides the following

Content Creation and Social Media Marketing

Our content writers are constantly writing about relevant subject matters for your different social media channels, such as twitter, facebook, instagram, youtube, external blogs, just to name a few.  Through constant exposure with relevant original content we develop “juice” for your website.  Our SEO efforts are always creating back links which in turn help your rankings go up amongst search engines.

We here at Jubilant Web offer these services to our “Food Service Industry Marketing” clients as well as other clients.

Search Engine Optimization a.k.a. SEO

You might have heard the acronym “SEO” being thrown around a lot lately, and with good reason.  A proper SEO campaign allows you to get found easier by your target market on the web.  When you hire Jubilant Web for your SEO campaigns you receive the following:

1.- Campaign Consulting
2.- Website Analysis
3.- Content Development
4.- Onsite Optimization
5.- Offsite Optimization
6.- Online Reputation Management
7.- Social Media Optimization
8.- SEO Tracking and Reporting

Web Design

We here at Jubilant Web are experts at capturing your businesses image and transferring it to an online platform which is your website.  We have helped many in the Food Industry develop custom websites and applications.  Our “Food Service Industry Marketing” services provide the following when it comes to web development:

Our team of highly qualified and experienced web designers works with each of our clients in order to design a unique website that presents their company in a professional manner that is inviting to all visitors.

When developers and designer come together beautiful things happen.  With the collaboration of all our teams we ensure you that your site will not only be aesthetically pleasing but also functional.  Jubilant Web runs your site through various platforms and devices to ensure your site runs smoothly.

Search Engine Optimization
When setting up you website we are constantly on the look-out for any SEO opportunity.  All of our design and development decisions are based on our expertise on the subject in accordance with Google webmaster principles.

Content Creation
A website is only as good as the content you put into it.  Jubilant web offers an experienced team of content writers to all of our clients.  Our content writers develop new and exciting original content which will help with your rankings.

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