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Elevate your business above your competition

We offer a complete marketing package designed to increase the success of your business.

Are you fed up of your competition always getting the upper-hand? Are you losing customers to your rivals? Well that´s all about to change with the help of Jubilant Web!
Jubilant Web is an exciting and proven internet marketing company ready to elevate your business above your competition. Jubilant Web offers a complete marketing package designed to increase the success of your business.
We are able to analyse your competition and inform you, why they are outperforming you and your business.
We can take your business to new heights, through a number of efficient and inexpensive methods.

Google AdWords & Google Analytics

With the assistance of some clever technology, we can manage, promote and monitor a variety of keywords you would like to push. These keywords are going to appear throughout Google searches, and with the help of Jubilant Web, we can propel your pages above the competitions.

100% Website Hosting, Maintenance & Support

We can host your webpages using our secure host providers, as well as offer you an exceptional level of maintenance and support. Should your webpage encounter any issues you can trust Jubilant Web to resolve them efficiently and swiftly.

Cloud-Based Backups.

The best way to manage backups is via the cloud. Here at Jubilant Web, your pages will be automatically backed up, once every three days. We will also manually backup your website, once every fortnight. We always backup your pages to our encrypted cloud platform, meaning that should your page be hacked or defaced, we can quickly restore your pages.

WordPress Updates & Plugins

You might be surprised to hear that a staggering 27% of pages found on the World Wide Web are created using WordPress. Here, at Jubilant, we have an in-house, expert team dedicated entirely to WordPress. They understand everything associated with this website content management system. They are here to provide professional advice regarding updates and plugins as well as furthering their knowledge with any new updates that are released.
These are just a few of the exciting and innovative features that Jubilant Web can offer you and your business. We are determined to take your business above your competitions and are confident in achieving results from the offset.

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Monthly Reports & Health Checks

Here at Jubilant Web, we are proud to show off our positive results. Because of this, we send you a detailed monthly report outlining your progress. The monthly report will show you how your keywords are ranking, demonstrate how healthy your site is, and monitor the overall performance progress of your webpages.

We’ve looked at a lot of SEO solutions but these guys were always the clear favorite. They have the right strategy and they’ve been awesome to work with.

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