How Does Cloud Computing Improve your Digital Marketing Strategies

How Does Cloud Computing Improve your Digital Marketing Strategies

In search for better ways of running businesses effectively and improving productivity, there are several applications that have been developed. The applications are integrated to the cloud, making it possible for businesses to operate from virtually everywhere.

One of these applications is Salesforce and it is helping marketers in a real big way. Being able to monitor business leads in real time makes it possible for a marketing campaign and the sale-ability of a product or a service or product to be determined. Below is more information on how cloud computing influences digital marketing:

  • Accessibility

With CRM cloud computing software like Salesforce, there is improved access to files and customer information from any location as long as there is internet connectivity. There is also better communication between teams and clients, as well as collaboration with all parties involved.

Hard drives and storage devices crash often. You have been a victim of such occurrences and you know how depressing it is. However, with a cloud based marketing management system, all clients’ and company data is stored on the cloud keeping all the important data safe and accessible at all times.

  • Better time management and processes

Being able to control the marketing and business’ content and to deploy strategies independent of other company departments saves time. Plans and goals are implemented effectively when you don’t have to depend on other departments. A minimal learning curve is involved in cloud-based systems saving time spent to train new marketing orsales’ agents.

Retrieval, deployment, running updates, creation, deletion, or customization of the marketing information is simplified using the Salesforce metadata API and anyone who understands Salesforce can run the commands for customization easily. Customization of customers or leads’ information saves time when it can be done from any place and by any person allowed access to the systems.

  • Cost effective

The biggest dream of every businessperson is to save costs while making the highest returns out of the investments made. Therefore, when a business thinks of cloud computing for marketing, IT, and production departments, they look at the amount of money that can be saved.

So far, cloud computing and cost saving are on one lane with many businesses reporting higher savings when running operations on the cloud. The need to buy, set up, and pay for expensive infrastructure and hardware reduces when your business uses the cloud.

  • Better analytics

Every marketer you meet talks about analytics. These are the metrics that show how the business marketing campaigns fair and how the sales are daily, monthly, quarterly, and annually.

Salesforce and other marketing tools running on the cloud provide real-time data on leads, you can also track the leads, determine the best marketing strategies, and test new channels for the business.

  • Better innovation

With time saved using the cloud-based applications, marketers get to spend more time focusing on customer needs, then devising innovative campaigns to target customers. This increases the sales made by a company.

In conclusion, cloud computing is here for your business to grow, the reasons given above should be enough for any marketer stuck on the traditional marketing modules to pitch for cloud-based marketing technologies.


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Evans Walsh is a passionate marketer working with to develop better systems to run Salesforce on. Check out the company website to learn more.