Improving customer experience at restaurants with digital signage

Improving customer experience at restaurants with digital signage

The digital revolution that swept across the world in the last decade has touched all spheres of our lives and has resulted in the complete transformation of lifestyle. The business community too has felt the obvious changes arising from advanced technology.  Even restaurants are going through the phase of transforming the ways it conducted business. Customers are expecting much more from restaurants than serving delicious food – they want a wholesome dining experience that complements today’s digital lifestyle.

Nowadays, restaurants are more inclined to offer what customers expect and even more, if possible and using the opportunity to build brands for better business by using technology at the venues. Television screens at restaurants that entertained customers are going through a makeover. These would henceforth become digital signage that will display promotional content for brand building and marketing besides news and sports and television programs. Read on to know more about the latest digital trends in restaurants.

Social media feeds in restaurants

The most recent trend is to use digital technology in restaurants to improve customer experience.  With an eye on getting closer to customers, some restaurants and bars are incorporating social media feeds on digital signage.  The television screens of the restaurants display live posts of customers on the social media like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, etc. While it is good entertainment for the audience, it is also an opportunity to promote brands.  You can motivate people to share the brand that enhances your efforts in brand promotion. Going a step ahead, you can include advertising messages into the display. Customers enjoy the posts that also include posts from other locations. The brand owners love this aspect as the brand gets broad exposure across areas.

Welcome graphics and promotion

Upcoming events and special occasions celebrated in restaurants feature in the digital signage. Guests come to know about it, and the publicity helps to improve business.  It is a cheaper way of advertising in-house, and there is no need to spend extra on business promotion. The in-house marketing team of the restaurant can create the promotional content.  Another way of engaging customers is to use the digital signage screen to welcome guests by using graphics that depict the occasion. Displaying the graphics while guests enjoy at the restaurant affects their emotions and sentiments that create better bonding leading to an improved relationship.

The digital attraction lowers cost and pushes profits

An average restaurant using digital signage stands to gain a lot.  Restaurant menus change much quicker than you would change your dress because minor changes can happen at any moment. When it happens, printing a new menu entails cost and time and is often the reason that you might think of delaying menu changes. When using digital signage, you need not think about cost because the change is just a matter of typing and creating a new text that you can do on your own in seconds. You can accommodate an elaborate menu with lots of information on the signage that has large space without any concern about taxing the viewers’ eyes. More details increases the chances of more business.

Information sharing is easy

The digital technology of signage has opened up new avenues of communication that facilitate advertising, marketing, customization of menu and information sharing.  It enhances the interaction between restaurant owners and customers thereby bringing them closer.  Customers seeking nutritional information can see it on the screen and come to know about special events and occasions with a complete schedule.  The speed of life that people enjoy from digital technology remains unhindered in restaurants that use digital signage, and this increases its attraction. Customers like the trend that keeps them tuned with times.

 Aesthetics and visual appeal increases

Incorporating digital signage increases the visual appeal of the interiors and adds aesthetic value to the décor. It adds the much-needed X-factor to the venue that increases its attraction and appeals to customers who feel more comfortable in the environment.  The comfort encourages customers to spend more time at the place and longer they stay better are the prospects of the business.  Restaurant owners can use the signage in much more creative ways for satisfying customers, instead of using it as a notice board. The visual appeal of the ambiance of the restaurant matters a lot in the restaurant industry because of its link to the brand. The digital signage can support your brand building initiative.

Digitized menu

The menu display must be as much appealing as the food – this is the philosophy restaurants. Moreover, what could be better than creating digital menu boards.  The menu has high visual appeal, and it is much easier to update changes not only of that location but also of any other place. This you can do either at different times or simultaneously.  Sometimes it might be mandatory by law to display nutritional information and once again, the digital signage gives you the edge as you can show it on the screen.

Customer entertainment

Using the digital signage to entertain customers is one of its high points. While people wait for food at the tables or even when having food alone, the music video showing on the screen, some sports event, news, or some random program of television can fill in the time and provide entertainment that adds value to customer experience. The overall ambiance of the place suddenly seems to be so attractive and entertaining.  Never for a moment have customers had to look around to find entertainment that is served right in front of their eyes. To keep customers entertained, you can even display information that is worthwhile for customers although it might not have any relation to your business.    This way you can make customers feel more at home and earn brownie points by providing them a better experience in dining.

The digital signage has immense potential to become useful for almost all aspects of your business. It all depends on how much you are capable of making use of it. You can go to the extent of using the feature of facial recognition that can help to serve foods faster to customers.