06 Mar 2017

Protect Your Business From A Bad Web Host with These 5 Tips

In 2017 it is nearly impossible to imagine a successful business, without a strong online presence. Some business host an e-store for their products, others simply promote their merchandise this way, but they all have one thing in common- they rely on their website to function properly at all times. This means that whenever there […]

02 Mar 2017

5 Web Design Tools That Will Transform Your Workflow

The web design industry is one that is continually evolving. It is fair enough to appreciate that at the forefront of this robust development lies web design tools. In the past, Photoshop would easily pop up when one mentioned such tools. The entry of many other interesting and useful tools into the web design market […]

25 Jan 2017

4 Things You’re not Doing for Your SEO That Could Revolutionize Your Entire Campaign

There are two main strategies online marketers use when trying to develop new strategies for digital marketing and online reputation management. First, SEO experts and marketers work on creating preemptive campaigns that are intended to get content to the audience and solicit an immediate reaction. Second, they develop responsive campaigns by creating content based on […]

23 Jan 2017

How Does Cloud Computing Improve your Digital Marketing Strategies

In search for better ways of running businesses effectively and improving productivity, there are several applications that have been developed. The applications are integrated to the cloud, making it possible for businesses to operate from virtually everywhere. One of these applications is Salesforce and it is helping marketers in a real big way. Being able […]

28 Dec 2016
internet marketing company

How to Improve Your Email Marketing Performance

It’s no surprise that email marketing continues to be one of the most effective ways to convert prospects and existing customers into revenue and sales. Taking the time to build a thorough email list will give you the ability to reach your audience at any time. Jubilant Web is an internet marketing company that specializes […]

09 Dec 2016

What Did Marketers Love in 2016?

As 2016 draws to a close, we take a look back at the highlights of another wonderful year. For good or bad, 2016 is a year that will be permanently etched into our minds. Whether you remember it for momentous political developments, deaths of inspirational figures, or fairytale sporting triumphs, this year will not be […]

09 Dec 2016

What Does 2017 Have in Store for SEO´s?

  Search engine optimization is evolving at lightning speed. As 2016 begins to wind down, it is time to examine the future for the upcoming year. SEO services have now become a fundamental element of any company and its marketing campaign. There have been numerous developments in SEO over the past 12 months. A lot […]

18 May 2016

Avoid “spamy” online marketing campaigns.

Believe it or not, the attention span is a thousand times shorter than it was 20 years ago. You can find proof of that when you wonder how many characters can fit in a single tweet? 140 character to express yourself, sell your product, tell your story, and offer your service. If you’re lucky a […]

10 May 2016
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How To Deal With Angry Yelpers

The customer is always right. Nowhere is this truer than in the United States, home of the tech startup designed to empower the anonymous angry customer like never before. Companies like Yelp and all its minions have reshaped the very fabric of the common business interaction, in that they have caused word-of-mouth to take a […]