Public Relations SEO:

1. About Our Services

As a leading Public Relations company, we are continuously striving to discover innovative and effective solutions to meet our client’s goals. We truly care about the success of our clients and want to make sure that our marketing tactics will deliver the most effective solutions and ultimately return on investment.

An important shift has occurred in Google’s algorithm which will dramatically affect the ranking results for all web pages. Rather then placing value on the number of back links to a webpage, Google has begun to measure and compare the number of social media interactions in order to determine a web pages priority in search results. In order to achieve successful results in an SEO campaign it is vital that we utilize the tools of public relations to develop positive relationships between the consumer and the brand.

2. About Our Clients

We are headquartered both in the beautiful Hudson Valley as well as New York City, yet we service clients all over the nation.

3. About Jubilant Web’s Team

Located in New York, gives us powerful resources in terms of talented developers and graphic designers. Our employees and consultants are constantly influenced by current state of the art technology, Ecommerce, and entertainment.

About Our Public Relations SEO Service:

1. Landing Page Design, Development, and Creation:

Jubilant Web will design and create unique landing pages for each of the public relation’s SEO campaign keywords. The landing page’s design will be integrated with your brand message and will feature a variety of media that is relevant to your company’s services or products including: video, audio, images and text. Regardless if your webpage is the first to be found, if it does not visually convey to the visitor a message of quality or suggest the appropriate call to action then the potential customer will most likely search elsewhere for your company’s services. We want to make sure that the design of the landing page conveys the appropriate message and convinces the visitor to take the appropriate call to action.

2. Content Development

Google wants to share original and relevant content with its customers. In order to achieve successful results with any public relations seo campaign it is vital that the pages being optimized display original content that is relevant to that particular keyword or phrase. We have a team of talented copywriters onsite which can assist you in the writing process and create content that is powerful, effective, relevant and interesting to the reader.

3. Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is an effective tool for companies to directly connect with their customers on a more personal level. Search engines have begun to realize its power and utilize it as a resource to measure priority of importance and relevance when ranking pages for any given keyword. Therefore it is vital that your webpage has the ability to be shared, liked, recommended, tweeted, and +1, a personal favorite of Google, in order to achieve successful results. We will create functionality on your website that allows visitors to easily share the page across a wide variety of social media outlets as well as personally promote your webpages through our extended social media network.

4. Press Release Optimization

Jubilant Web creates and distributes press releases to popular news sites, blogs, social networks, newspaper sites, TV news sites, and radio news sites. All press releases are professionally written by our copy writing staff and are optimized in order to increase their exposure online as well as help improve the result ranking of your website.

5. Blog Optimization

We will write and release multiple articles that are relevant to your website’s services and optimize them for specific keywords. Blog articles are great way to connect your brand with consumers on a more personal level and establish a relationship which will help to further develop customer loyalty.