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SEO for Real Estate Companies

Nowadays everything can be found on the internet. Actually, many will say that if it’s not on the internet it doesn´t exist; and anyone who takes their business seriously cannot afford such a statement.
Does your real estate company need online marketing?

If you’re looking to expand your client outreach and build a strong reputation for you company, you must become closer to your audience. Today, nine out of 10 home buyers use the internet for their real estate queries, contacts, and transactions. In order to reach them, you need to have a solid presence online. An effective content marketing strategy and a good social media plan will help you achieve both a significant presence within the market and more proximity to your clients and potential customers.

Become a resource in your area.

Expertise in website optimization and localized SEO are key factors when it comes to organic growth. At Jubilant Web, we have the know-how and the experience to improve your website’s performance. In order to make your website more efficient, our team of developers and designers will fix crawl errors and design issues, making sure your website is safe and runs smoothly at the appropriate speed.

But a website with good performance is just the beginning. Our localized real estate SEO strategies allow you to reach your qualified audience with ease. We focus on generating leads and aim to increase your sales by applying customized and proven real estate SEO techniques and strategies in your specific area; boosting your organic growth and promoting your company as a resource within the real estate industry.

100% Personalized attention and customized solutions.

Our professional team of designers and developers is at your disposition. We offer custom programming and development, not only for websites but also for mobile apps. We design and develop websites from scratch and then we optimize them, to make sure each company and their owners can seize all the benefits of an optimized website.

Mobile compatibility and responsiveness are highly valued these days. More than 60% of emails are opened from mobile devices; using the right screen size and allowing your clients to connect with you directly from their phones or tablets is as important as having a secure website. More than 650 million people connect daily on Facebook from their phones while 30% of the internet’s traffic comes from mobile devices.

If you want to make sure your customers and potential clients have a good experience reading your email or visiting your site online, your company needs a mobile friendly website.

Content marketing can take you to the next level.

As a real estate SEO company, we focus on your specific industry requirements and offer solutions oriented to satisfy the needs of your specific niche market. Our content writers do extensive research and create relevant content based on information from specialized sources; without forgetting the spirit and personality of your business. We write articles for you that are relevant to your target audience and carry your business’ particular traits within.

We also care about your industry’s development and about your place in it, that’s why we put a lot of effort too, in providing you with resources that you might find helpful for your own practice. From real estate news to tips and tricks for successful real estate practice, we work hard to get to know the real estate industry almost as well as you do; so we can offer you marketing solutions that are effective and successful.

Link building is also an important aspect to keep in mind as a real estate SEO company. We thrive to offer you qualified and valuable links that feed your authority and credibility; while creating, at the same time, relevant and helpful links that point back to you, allowing your target audience to find you with ease and to regard you as a source of useful information within the real estate industry.

Enjoy the benefits of effective email marketing.

We understand the marketing trends of today; when we offer real estate SEO services we keep in mind that the main goal of email marketing is to share not to sell. You want to build a bond with your clients and earn their loyalty. In order to achieve these goals, we craft newsletters that are as informative as they are entertaining; packed with helpful content and slightly humorous. We bet you didn’t know that a funny GIF in your newsletter to lighten your client’s mood on a Monday morning could help you close a deal. This little tip and marketing trends are just a few of the thing we would like to share with you.

Our newsletters are tailored for your audience and we create them around the message you want to communicate in the most effective way possible. We handle multiple platforms that allow you to reach as many clients as you want to, within your time-frame of choice.

We know that email marketing is meant to help your clients, giving them something they want to read and share; we aim to grow your list of subscribers with every email sent to your customers, generating new qualified leads and establishing your business as a valuable source within the real estate industry.

Improve your social media game.

Another great way to connect with your clients more effectively and reach a larger qualified audience is social media. From YouTube to Facebook without forgetting Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and any other network where your targeted audience spends most of their day; we create custom social media plans to help you reach them, wherever they are.

A social media plan with posting patterns and a thoughtful schedule that aims directly to create a connection and generate interaction with your audience. Our social media experts will optimize each one of your social media profiles and pages as they will also create and share customized relevant content that your audience will appreciate.

Get a tailored PPC campaign.

A Pay-Per-Click campaign can be a make it or break it deal, but our marketing experts have a lot of experience and knowledge when it comes to AdWords and AdSense as well as other PPC platforms. Extensive research and proven results are the foundation of every Pay-Per-Click strategy we carry out. This particular approach to PPC allows us to deliver satisfactory results within reasonable budgets; as our SEO services complement our Pay-Per-Click strategies to make them even more effective.

Are you ready to actually see results?

If you’re looking forward to see positive results for your company within the real estate industry, you need to be prepared for an extensive analysis of your business’ current online status. We offer a free initial assessment and contract-free SEO programs for your real estate company.

We’ll perform a website analysis, a competitors’ research and based on those results and your particular needs we will create a personalized online marketing proposal. We offer customized online marketing plans with detailed reports at the end of each period, so you can track the growth of your business online.

At Jubilant Web, we work along with you, setting realistic goals and helping you to reach them systematically; aiming to steady growth and high-quality performance.

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