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14 Mar 2016

Using digital marketing to get more patients.

Running your own private practice gives you freedom and allows you to bond at a deeper level with your patients. Nonetheless, we know that finding your place within the market may not be as easy as you would like it to be. Still, although it might be difficult, it doesn’t mean it is impossible. And at Jubilant Web we know a thing or two about how to improve your online marketing strategy in order to win more patients, so read on and take advantage of these recommendations to get positioned within the leaders of the healthcare industry.

Find your own voice.

Every doctor and especially, every celebrity doctor has their own voice, actually that’s what allowed them to become famous in the first place. They display a personal style and approach that appeals to a specific audience. Not all messages are for everyone, let your personality show through your social media channels, your blog and your website, that way you will send the right message to the right patients who are looking exactly for a doctor like you.

In order to upgrade your online marketing game you need to understand a few things.

First of all, you need to understand the way people make queries online.

When someone’s looking for a doctor they’re  either looking for a specialist within their geographic area or they’re looking for answers to their specific symptoms. So a good strategy would be providing answers in your website or blog to common questions. Interact effectively on social media providing helpful information to your follower and answering their questions. And of course, make sure to hire a good SEO plan that will allow you to rank for organic searches within your area, so patients can easily find you.

Pay attention to the reviews.

Reviews can make or break your practice. Ask your satisfied patients to make video reviews of their experience having you as their physician.

Take time to mitigate the damage of bad reviews and take the time to respond kindly to good reviews and encourage your patients to continue supporting your practice.

You don’t have to answer all at once, but you should do it in a timely manner, take a couple hours a week to reply to your emails, comments and messages in your blog, website and social networks. Offer personalized answers and upload testimonials and reviews to your website.

A few other strategies you may apply to your online marketing plan are including videos on your website, starting a periodic live stream for your followers on social media and sending out newsletters.

Giving a professional look to your website as well as optimizing it will also take you a long way when showing that you are on top of every aspect of your practice and willing to provide the best experience to your patients in every possible way. The same goes for your Facebook page and your other profiles in social media.

At Jubilant Web, we can handle that and more, we provide customized marketing plans for healthcare professionals that aim to promote their private practices in every possible aspect within the industry using digital marketing and online proven strategies. Contact our marketing experts today! calling at (845) 790-0420 and get a free assessment from one of our marketing professionals.

14 Mar 2016

Are you familiar with the latest online marketing trends?

Online marketing is always changing, improving, increasing the standards, and so on. It does not come as a surprise how much things have changed in the past few years.

Keeping up with the trends, the influencers, and the relevant topics are part of the job we do within the industry. At Jubilant Web, we are always doing research and developing new strategies to offer effective online marketing plans based on proven results and paired with innovative approaches.

These are the latest online marketing trends, is your business ready to take over?

  • Blogging.

Active content marketing is all the rage. Having an active, appealing, helpful and interesting blog is key to promote the growth and exposure of your brand. Despite being in the digital era, marketing and especially online marketing is more human-oriented than ever. Creating content aims to provide users with information they can actually relate to. Helpful tips, interesting articles, useful tutorials and other resources such as photographs and videos, paired with an accessible approach and genuine interactions generate an authentic connection with the brand, turning our business into your customer’s partner and establishing a bond that guarantees a return on investment and customer loyalty.

  • Video Marketing.

It has been estimated that by 2017 around 75% of all the traffic on the internet will be video. Why? Because of several reasons! The first one being that videos are way more engaging than written articles with no media resources whatsoever. Although videos are harder to produce than a written article, the gain is considerably larger. Videos are a very efficient way of showing the way a product works and how it relates to its surroundings, and with the rise of social media, viralization and shareability it is very likely that videos will reach the audiences.

  • Personalized attention.

Humanizing your content strategy is the way to go these days. No more automation!

In the world of today, consumers want to belong to groups of individuals that share similar interests, and as such, they want to be treated as individuals themselves.

At Jubilant Web, our social media experts put a lot of effort on research and monitoring your social media activity in order to provide you the best results.

  • Microtargeting.

This is not only a great way to optimize resources  but also a way to reach your audience more effectively and increase profit. Micro targeted campaigns are twice more effective that traditionally targeted campaigns. Creating, products, content and ads for very specific niche markets ensures you will reach a more qualified audience that will most likely acquire your product or service and share it with their close ones, generating a lot of word-of-mouth advertisement and promoting the formation of a network of very loyal customers and a solid base of followers.

  • Storytelling.

The best way to appeal to your customers and potential clients is telling them a story, your story, their story. Something relevant and well told that relates to your business and the spirit of your brand but most of all, a story that relates to their emotions and allows them to bond with your company. Instead of creating meaningless content that promotes your company, write content for your audience. They are the ones who can take your business to the next level, do not overlook their needs.

  • Social Media Advertisement.

Everything happening in life is happening on social media. Actually, we spend a lot more time engaging and interacting on social media than we do in person-to-person rendezvous, which means there are a lot more chances of exposure online than anywhere else, hence, social media is the perfect playground. Ads in social media are increasing exponentially and if you want to keep up you cannot neglect these platforms.

At Jubilant Web, we work hard to keep up the pace and stay on top of the industry, in order to provide you with solutions for the growth of your company. Contact our marketing experts today! Give us  a call at (845) 790-0420 and get a free assessment from one of our marketing professionals.