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10 Apr 2013

Basic SEO explanation “updates” due to Google search algorithm changes and improvements

1.    Write excellent content -The importance of quality writing in SEO
This is very true that the quality of content is a very important factor.

2.    Keyword density -The role of keyword density in search engine optimization
Keyword density is somewhat important in terms of overall page weight.

3.    Latent semantic indexing -Latent semantic indexing: a subtle but vital aspect of SEO
Agreed on this point as natural language processing recognition has improved in Google algorithms.

4.    Use the h1 tag -The h1 tag still plays a huge role in SEO
H1 tags is not that important in relation to the overall SEO process. This point makes it sound as if a keyword is not using the tag then it won’t be indexed. Google’s algorithm has surpassed this basic tagging.

5.    Put your keywords in the URL -Keywords in the URL of webpages helps in SEO

Definitely helps so whenever possible use the keyword on the url

6.    Use keywords in the names of directories -Directory structure in SEO
Definitely helps so whenever possible use directory SEO friendly.

7.    Keywords in domain name -Choose a domain name that uses keywords
Definitely helps so whenever possible use domains with friendly keyword.

8.    Flash is bad for SEO! – Flash is bad for search engine optimization
Flash is not bad for SEO but it certainly does not aid the SEO process either. An image is more powerful because of the tagging and recent advances in algorithm recognition by Google.

9.    Frames are bad for SEO! -Avoid frames like the plague
Frames used to be really bad for SEO but with new enhancements to SEO algorithms if the content and structure and frames are relevant and useful to the user, Google may even favor frames.

10.    Use a high content-to-code ratio -The readable text (content) should outweigh the code
This used to be true but with recent advances in Google algorithms, and additions to javascript for analytics, advanced monitoring, customer support apps the keyword the ratio is not as important.

11.    Put the menu on the right-hand side- Putting the menu on the right-hand side helps in SEO
Actually the best location for the menu is on the top of the webpage as Google favors easy top navigation and website’s menus usually dictates the page importance, relevance, hierarchy and  main keywords.

12.    Use a reputable web host -A good web host helps with SEO
This is true that you do not want to share your webspace hosting with a server that is unreliable, spammer, contains virus or has adult theme websites.

13.    Put outbound links to high-quality websites in your content -High-quality outbounds links help A LOT in SEO
This is not as important. Just like any good research paper it is good to point to resources but if your content is better than the “high quality websites” then the links are not worth having just for the sake of SEO.

14.    Use a unique IP address -Having a unique IP address is vital in SEO
Unique IP is helpful but Google recognizes that not every website can have a dedicated IP just like Google recognizes that shared IP servers may have better more relevant content than other websites on a dedicated IP.  More important than dedicated /unique IP is the domain age, and how long the domain is registered for.

10 Apr 2013

New Guaranteed Google Local SEO based Subscription Exceeding Expectations

For Immediate Release
For Information Contact: Engage Newswire
Lori Thompson: PR@EngageNewswire.com

New York NY (September 23, 2012) – Since Google’s algorithm, Panda and Penguin, update implementations began earlier in 2012, monthly search engine optimization services have been a hot topic in the news. These updates increased guidelines on website optimization such as an increase in number of web spam factors, including keyword stuffing, cloaking, unnatural links and content spinning. Due to these changes to Google’s search engine algorithm some “White Hat” or ethical Search Engine Optimization firms are flourishing with new innovative SEO services with true guarantees.

One example of the companies that are very successful with ethical and innovative services is JubilantWeb, a New York SEO Company. Jubilant Web has introduced a new way for companies to target their local community on Google search via a new “monthly targeted SEO subscription.” The process targets and conforms to various Google algorithm SEO factors with monthly friendly vertical campaigns which allow and highlight higher visibility for their clients.

JubilantWeb’s process involves the standard high level link building from related niche directories and high Page Ranked websites but, unlike the other Search Engine Optimization companies JubilantWeb also implements targeted optimized content, social media highlighting, press release optimization, and targeted online reputation enhancements which Google’s search algorithms heavily favor.

These services are now bundled for a monthly guaranteed service in order to proactively provide consistent optimization and increasing traffic and relevance for their clients. As further incentive for local businesses, JubilantWeb has slashed the price of monthly SEO services for 10 to 30 key-phrases.

Smart businesses are starting to reap the benefits by utilizing ethical SEO companies such as JubilantWeb that provide real guarantees with constant and proactive monthly SEO services which not only translates to maximum exposure on Google and other search engines, but an increase to their bottom line.