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03 Jun 2013


Twitter is a large and still growing social network that lets users send and read text-based messages that can be no more than 140 characters. They organize these billions of “tweets” into categories with the use of hashtags (#).

It may seem like a little thing but this symbol can help you connect to thousands of users with your business’ interests. Here are some hashtag uses to help spread your company’s name and brand.

Create A Hashtag:

Great for a promotion or event, you can create your own hashtag that helps to find those interested in the same information as your company. For example a candle store may start to do in home parties that sell to clients and their friends. They decide to use #AromaCandleParty in all their tweets explaining the set up and information of the party to any other interested customers and potential clientele. You can even encourage those hosting and attending the party to use it as well. The best part is that the more you use that hashtag, the more others will latch onto it and begin to use it as well.

Start A Contest:

A wonderful way to have a large number of people learn your hashtag quickly is to start a contest. In order to enter, they must tweet a specific hashtag to be eligible for the prize. This also lets those who follow your clients but not you see your brand, follow your business and have the opportunity to enter.

Find Followers:

Hashtags help to show the basic idea of the tweet in one single word or group of words. Those who use the same hashtags as you do have at least one interest in common with you and your business. Follow those with similar hashtags you use and any hashtags you would associate with your business to begin to gain followers and follow others.

Hold A Tweetchat:

A tweetchat is when a designated time and topic is set to allow users to share conversation and interest in a specific matter. A specific hashtag is used so that the entire panel is able to be seen in one place. Tweetchats can be a great idea for a business to host one about a topic related to your products or services.  It can help to build a following around your brand and a certain hashtag.

Attend A Tweetchat:

What is better to learn about a tweetchat then to participate in one? Meet like minded individuals that you can follow and learn from others at the same time. You can also show others you have an expertise in the field to help gain more followers.

Get Educated:

Learn more about the news in your own industry without having to search and read multiple blogs or articles. Check out hashtags you associate with your industry to learn the latest news and get links to the most important stories.

Categorize, Organize, But Use Sparingly:

To help people find your tweets, multiple hashtags can be used so your information is found in multiple locations. Hashtags also help to organize your tweets but you should still keep it short and simple. 140 characters is always less that you think!