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10 May 2013

Make The Most Of Your Website

Many people dismiss the use of the internet as just a small part of their advertising plan. With so many online opportunities, one has to think as if they have no physical store front. A website can be a great way to attract new customers who would never find you otherwise. Here are some helpful hints for making the most of your website.

Don’t be afraid to check out your competitors. Once you expand into the online market you are also expanding your competition base as well. See how other companies are attempting to reach out to potential visitors and learn from them to improve your own site.

When starting a website, an important factor to think about is your domain name. A simple one helps customers remember it and quickly access your site. Even if they forget the actual domain name, clients will try to search what they do remember, so it’s key to make the domain appropriate to your business.

Especially for websites dedicated to services, it is extremely important to have simple ways for customers to contact you. Having a contact form is a striking tool that is easy to use, yet many customers still do not enjoy filling them out. To ensure the customer has various ways of contacting you, put other options including multiple phone numbers, emails and site locations. Make sure to include the domain name in your store or non-online advertising as well, in order to give your customer the choice of which they prefer.

Just having a website isn’t enough to get an active trail of customers to visit and buy.  Promoting your website is just as important as starting one. A few good ideas for site promotion includes blogging, and social media. Keeping active, original content from your business helps not only to expand your personal presence with current and potential customers, but also helps to increase your ranking on search engines such as Google and Bing.

Remember, if an idea does not succeed today, it still may not be a terrible idea. When marketing online, everything revolves around timing. With fads and trends that move in and out quickly, it is important to find optimal timing for every piece of your marketing strategy. Instead of completely trashing an idea if it doesn’t seem to be working, put it on the back burner to revisit when the market changes or a trend fades.

Another helpful tip is to keep track of your website’s stats. Learning information about your site and visitors can help to find and improve any problems on your site. Using analytic tracking, social media tracking, Google/Bing webmaster tools, and link tracking, you can make sure your site is running efficiently and is successfully bringing in customers.

Hopefully these tips can help to make the most of your resources in order to expand your business’s client list.