Twitter is a social network where you can broadcast short posts for your followers. Thanks to the use of hashtags (#) on Twitter, posts also known as "Tweets" can be connected to trending topics which helps to achieve more exposure. Tweets are permanent and public, everyone can follow you and you can follow everybody, this means you and your audience will be connected more directly and you will be able to interact directly with each other. This is a great tool to monitor feedback and consumer behaviour, as well as solidifying your presence and reaching out to more people within your target audience.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is an effective tool for companies to directly connect with their customers on a more personal level. There is an art to social media marketing and, if left to their own devices, many small and medium businesses struggle to attract their target audience and keep them engaged.

Profile Creation

For each social media site, there are specific tips and tricks that can be used to help attract followers and friends to your profile. We are adept at making the most of all these tricks of the trade and can even set up all the social media accounts you want for your business. With Jubilant Web’s creative social media marketing services your brand exposure will increase and your customer base will expand organically.

Content Development

The key to keeping your company at the top of your customers’ news feeds and twitter feeds is to actually post, tweet, and write engaging content rather than bombarding them with the same stale “buy now” message. With Jubilant Web, you can rest assured that your business’ social media accounts are regularly updated with relevant and interesting posts to attract more followers and potential clients.

Increase Online Exposure & Audience Engagement

As well as entertaining and engaging your client base, we can create unique content including press releases and infographics regarding your company’s services. This will generate online exposure by optimizing content and encouraging audience interaction by promoting the ability to share the information through social media networks and blog sites.

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