Your home improvement business can reach a whole new level.

Being a contractor does not mean you have to struggle to find new clients or job leads in the online market. Au contraire, you and your business can benefit greatly from good internet marketing.
Why would you want specialized SEO for contractors?

If you’re looking to power up your business, increasing the amount of jobs you do and therefore, your income; you need a strong and solid online presence.

But what does that mean?

Having a significant presence online and a prestigious image as a company require basically two things: Hard work and exposure.

We know as a contractor you offer results based service, and so we do. At Jubilant Web, we apply a results-driven approach, to provide you with online marketing solutions that match the specific requirements of your line of work at affordable price rates.

Our SEO services for contractors focuses on creating and or optimizing your website, to make it easier to find and to provide your customers and potential clients with a satisfying online experience that compels them to acquire your services.

We base our home improvement marketing strategies in proven results that have provided and continue to provide our clients in the industry with traffic increment, good conversion rates and steady growth for their companies.

An effective SEO strategy for contractors must take into account the latest market trends within your industry; like the fact that more and more house owners are looking forward to make improvements in their current properties instead of simply moving out.

The DIY movement is also on the rise and many people are choosing to take over home improvement projects on their own, which often times results in appalling failure and damage to the property.

All of these factors influence deeply your industry’s activity. The more people mess up with their home, the more calls you will receive. But only if those people can find you easily and fast.

Who is looking for you on the internet?


Even if they don’t know, chances are most people are looking for a skilled contractor who can fix whatever is broken, damaged, or in need of maintenance around their homes. From fence installations to bathroom remodeling and from landscaping to home automation, every homeowner and tenant with access to the internet, will look for home improvement services online, from their computers and even most likely, their phones.

The same people looking for DIY tutorials one day are the same people looking for fixing, repairing, maintenance, and other related services the next day.

Other people, who don’t have time for DIY projects, are constantly looking for contractors who can take over whatever home improvement project they have in mind. So every day, hundreds of people go online to look for specialized contractors in their specific locations, to assign them home improvement tasks of all sorts.

In order to provide those people with a great user experience, we perform SEO on your website and target your specific location, so you can reach the qualified audience in your area, which translates into more calls, more projects and more income.

Jubilant Web’s marketing experts are here to help you. If you’re in need of online marketing services for your home improvement company, please request a free assessment on this page or give us a call at (845) 790-0420 or (305) 602-2244.

What else should you expect from a home improvement marketing company?

You need a visionary team that knows your industry, your company, and how to optimize every aspect of your business to make you reach your goals in the shortest time possible. Our marketing experts put a lot of effort into research and learning about the services you offer in order to develop effective marketing strategies.

These strategies aim to reach not only private customers but also institutional clients; local schools, state buildings, hospitals, and public institutions among others. This will enhance your reputation, add experience and prove your expertise to a larger audience that will be looking for you as well, in no time.

Content writers are essential for SEO and online marketing purposes; ours devote quality time to research about relevant topics, trends and home improvement related news, in order to create high-quality content that will give you authority and credibility within your line of work.

At Jubilant Web, we pay attention to what’s important for you and your business, like the chamber of commerce recognition, business accreditation, and other high-profile groups appreciation. We develop and apply direct marketing ideas to help you bond with past, present and, future clients; making sure you are their go-to-source whenever they need a contractor or home improvement solutions.

We offer you various approaches to your target audience such as email marketing, with tailored newsletters that provide helpful information. Or customized social media plans that aim to connect with your clients and potential customers and establish a partnership with them as their reliable home improvement company and trustworthy contractor.

Because we really care about you and your company, our home improvement marketing program also offers you tips and hacks through our blog and external publishing partners, to contribute to the good practice of your craft and to increase your personal marketing efforts.

We periodically publish articles with practical recommendations such as advertising your business using your company’s vehicles, going to meetings and conventions in your area in order to meet people and offering them your services, volunteer in your own community and adding a separate piece of your business’ contact information to every official mail or post you send out, because you never know who might need your expertise.

We’ve looked at a lot of SEO solutions but these guys were always the clear favorite. They have the right strategy and they’ve been awesome to work with.

We have a constant flow of new leads thanks to this amazing SEO company. They gave us all the tools to convert leads into customers.

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