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10 Apr 2013

Google’s Panda Update and What It Could Mean For Your Website’s Result Ranking

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New York NY (September 24, 2012) – Google’s latest update to their ever elusive and secretive algorithm is referred to as the Panda update. Although we are unsure of the inspiration behind the name we are sure of the new changes and what they mean for your business’s page ranking.

According to Google’s official blog the update was implemented in order to penalize websites which had utilized unethical SEO methods in an effort to achieve higher page ranking. Websites which published unoriginal or very thin content were penalized as well as sites which had utilized SEO practices commonly referred to as content farming. Content farming is the practice of publishing dozens of low quality articles to non-reputable directories with numerous keyword back links.

Google’s advice to anyone wishing to implement a successful SEO campaign was simple yet time consuming to implement. The key to a successful SEO campaign is to produce original and relevant content on your website as well as any article that has a back link to your website.

Although many are frustrated by these updates and the changes in their website’s page ranking, it is clear that these changes are what is best for the web and the web user experience. Google has always been committed to providing the user with the most relevant information possible which perhaps is why so many individuals choose its search engine. This change will help to prevent the clutter of the web and “scrappers” which copy content from other websites in order to pass it off as their own.

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