How to Improve Your Email Marketing Performance

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How to Improve Your Email Marketing Performance

It’s no surprise that email marketing continues to be one of the most effective ways to convert prospects and existing customers into revenue and sales. Taking the time to build a thorough email list will give you the ability to reach your audience at any time. Jubilant Web is an internet marketing company that specializes in SEO, social media marketing, medical internet marketing, and more. We’re expert in offering superior digital marketing services to our clients, and email marketing is right there at the top. The following tips will help you improve your email marketing performance so that your business can continue to soar.

Personalizing the email

There are two sides to the coin when it comes to personalization of email. Many people tend to delete promotional emails before even scrolling through them to skim what it’s about – unless you can grab their attention. Starting the email with a simple, ‘Hi’ followed by the recipient’s name can help to engage the reader. At least enough to get them to read about what you’re offering. However, research by Temple’s Fox School of Business suggests that this type of personalization can actually be harmful, instead of effective. Trust between you and the recipient is an important element in email marketing. Forcing familiarity too soon can make personalization seem fake. Just like in real life, it takes time to earn trust. This isn’t different with email. Especially when you’re trying to persuade someone to buy your product or service. Moreover, a study shows that product personalization, rather than name personalization, triggers positive responses in 98% of customers. An example of this is directing customers to products based on their past purchasing patterns. Remember that personalization is an effective email strategy if you do so in a meaningful way.

Length of subject lines

When it comes to crafting the perfect subject line, there’s really just one area to avoid – the “dead zone.” This occurs when the subject line is between 60-70 characters. Research by Adestra suggests there is no increase in either open rate or clickthroughs with this limited length of the subject line. In fact, subject lines with 70 characters and more are most beneficial to engaging readers in clicking through to the content. However, subject lines that are 49 characters or less test best with open rate. Furthermore, think about including emojis in your subject lines. They’re an effective and fun way to communicate and convey your message. An emoji in the subject line can make you stand out from the rest of the dozens of emails your recipient is going to receive.

Easy mobile accessibility

Using our smartphones for performing everyday tasks is going to keep growing. It’s essential to design in a way to ensure your email always looks great, regardless of where your recipient reads it. Some tips to keep in mind:

  • Change your email to have a one column template.
  • Increase the font size for better readability.
  • Make your call-to-action clear and easy to tap.

Additionally, if you don’t have an obvious call-to-action, you’re going to receive minimal results. Subscribers don’t have the time (or patience) to read through long emails. You want your subscribers to be able to do what you want them to do in a matter of seconds.

Following these points will help you improve your email marketing performance. With the help of Jubilant Web, you can feel confident knowing your business will thrive. Our internet marketing company specializes in SEO, medical internet marketing, social media marketing, and more. Call us today to see how Jubilant Web can help you and your business: (845) 790-0420.