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14 Mar 2016
SEO for Contractors

Improve your home improvement business with online marketing

If you are a contractor you know the competition is fierce, and getting clients is not always easy. But we have a few tips that can take you a long way and help you get more clients and increase your profit.


For starters, you need to put yourself out there, raise your voice and allow the people in your area to know your brand. In order to do this, you need to build a strong brand with a solid image and an easy-to-identify, relatable personality.


Once you have set up the image and voice of your brand you need to get a website and a blog. You also need to get social and start asking for reviews.


When it comes to building a website you have to take into account a few aspects that can make a huge difference.


Home improvement website essentials.

You need to start with a professionally built website, with an appealing design, that´s easy to navigate and good speed and performance qualities. The next step is to pack it with the right information and position it within search engine rankings. The more people get to see your website, the more people will get in contact with you.


That’s why it is important to perform an efficient SEO strategy, optimizing your website and improving your presence among your competition online. It is also imperative to have a website that´s mobile friendly.


Your website, as well as your blog, must tell your story, the trajectory of your company and what makes you unique within your line of work. Add the trust seal badges to your website, as well as testimonials from satisfied customers and pictures of before and after completed projects.


If you believe this is a lot to take in, you might as well hire a professional to provide you with an appropriate website design and development plan. Here at Jubilant Web, for example, we offer full packages that include web design and development, search engine optimization, social media marketing, content marketing and even paper click, after free initial assessment. So, you have plenty of options to upgrade your marketing levels as a home improvement professional.


Why is social media so important?

These days, everything’s happening on social media.

If you want to promote your business you have to do it in the right place, and social media is definitely a great place for promoting any business. As a contractor, you hold the advantage of meeting your customers and potential clients, personally. Hence, interaction on social media is even easier. You can tag hem on your pictures and videos, share their reviews, comments, and home improvement projects straight from their own profiles and pages and share useful information with them.


Pinterest is one of the most popular sites for contractors and home improvement professionals. Becoming a source of knowledge, information, and experience within platforms like these is a great way to guarantee lots of traffic for your website, qualified leads and increase on your profit.


Don‘t miss the chance of using online marketing strategies and SEO for contractors to take your business to the next level. Call our marketing experts at (845) 790-0420 for a free assessment and more information.

10 Nov 2014

How to chose the best typeface for your website

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04 Nov 2014
SEO New York

Back to basics: SEO refresher course

Search engine optimization (SEO) can be an unwieldy beast. There is much debate over what’s the best strategy to get your website ranking on the first page of search results and it can be so confusing. You can get bogged down with such questions as “Is long-form or short-form content more effective?” and “How many keywords are too many keywords?” and “Am I guilty of keyword stuffing?” It is all a bit baffling, so we at Jubilant Web have decided to take it right back to basics and give you an SEO refresher course that tackles the basics.   (more…)