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24 May 2013

How to Organize a Social Media Content Strategy

There is an art to social media followings. It is a trial and error type of art, but an art no less. With small businesses joining the social media scene, it is important to know that gaining a following and clientele is more than posting something and just hoping it works out. You need to make the most of every post and update. The process of growing a following is a constant and ongoing course. It takes time and effort to get the results you want, so continue being patient and stay on track.

The best ideas start with brainstorming. So get together your most passionate and dedicated employees for an idea session. It is fine if they are from different departments or sectors since it may actually help you in the end. Having people of varied expertise with bring information on all your subject matters and viewpoints. This results in a good overall view of what to share with interested followers.

Continue your strategy planning with a schedule of when you will share your content. If you wish for a number of people to post, many accounts allow multiple users to post content through one main account. A smart idea if you have multiple writers is to create a calendar to specify what exact days there should be posts. Regularity of posting helps to attract and keep readers coming back.

When deciding posts, the type of content is also important. Text-only updates bring less attention than photos and videos do. For example, people would rather see pictures with a short caption of an event than only a written account about what occurred there. A smart idea for using text is to change it into a graphic. The internet is full of beautiful images of written quotes and other text based information. Find one that includes your information or create your own. Even though photos and videos get more interest does not mean that you should only post pictures. The best thing would be to vary the technique and mix photo, text, and video to keep audience interest. Even if you want to stay in the same medium, vary your focus.

Once you have figured out what to post and when to post it, you can figure out how you are doing. Utilizing analytics and metrics is a great way to find how people are responding to your posts and accurately continue or change your strategy.

With these tips and a clear, concise strategy to social media, you can get potential customers to better engage with your company. It can even help the public better recognize your brand but remember, it is an ongoing process to see exceptional results. So stay strong and don’t lose heart, you can do it with a little endurance.